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Focus on ABC-Fabrications
After almost a lifetime of working out of town, Balderton engineer Mr Alan Checkley has 'come home' to launch his own steel fabrications business.
Since September 2003 ABC Fabrications have been operating from Unit 2, 97 Sleaford Road, Newark, better known as the premises of Harrisons Self-Drive Hire.

  Mr Checkley who lives in Balderton, has been an engineer for 36 years, having started his career with a structural steel firm at Lowdham.
Until August 2003 Alan was a production manager with a wrought iron furniture maker in Lincoln which switched it's operation to other fields.   "I have now started working for myself, I am able to produce a whole range of custom-made items in mild steel.

Mr Checkley says wrought iron gates, fences, curtain poles and items of metal furnishings will be among his 'main lines'.
Alan would like to stress that as long as people can draw or show them a picture, that he can normally copy it as a replica, if a design is brought in, it can be made in metal, making it  virtually a 'Made-to Measure' item.
 Equipped with a CO2 welder and metal bending equipment, he is able to out his own 'scrolling' and twisting of metal.

There followed spells at Marston and a coal mining contractor at Tuxford before rare periods in Newark with Blagg & Johnson and a Narrowboat builder.


"Your imagination is our only limitation"